Welcome to the Every Day Development!

Nowadays, we observe a change in a way how people build and develop leadership competencies. Traditional courses or school learning are less and less popular and leaders look for an innovative learning experience, like knowledge and experience sharing, case studies, personal stories and blogs.

The content of the Every Day Development Blog will provide leaders with knowledge and advice to make things faster, better and easier. It is a virtual space where leaders find knowledge, experience sharing, inspirations, advice and fun in relation to leadership and talent.

When we write blogs, articles or case studies we focused on two critical elements. The first one is simplicity – key messages and takeaways are easy to understand and easy to implement. The second is a generic content which is implementable on every continent, every industry, every position and stage of career. The content is original, written by us, not taken from somewhere else.

Our aim is to inspire leaders to accomplish their personal and professional dreams by spending with us 15 minutes every days. It is like have a virtual coffee with the blog.

We would be thankful for sharing your feedback, expectations, ideas or your needs!

Enjoy it and have fun!

The Every Day Development Team

“Let your dreams be your wings”


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