(3 mins read) It’s Friday! Hopefully, you have completed all or the majority of the priorities you set up at the beginning of the week. Today, before you dive into a well-deserved weekend, which is packed full of sleep, family time, exercise, walks, healthy meals, reading books, theatre trips, concerts or travel, I encourage you... Continue Reading →


The way in which you finish the week, 99% depends on how you started it. Today, before you jump on the speed train of busyness, which is fully packed with calls, emails, meetings, projects, and other professional activities, I encourage you to spend a bit of time on thinking and preparing for the week ahead. ... Continue Reading →


The best problem management strategy is to tackle a business issue in its early stages of development - before it becomes a major problem. If you don’t deal with an issue or problem in time, or in the right way, you’ll later be involved in some type or crisis or emergency management situation.


Many great leaders fail because they are no able to communicate their business ideas effectively. Any business idea will be implemented and executed with excellence when other people UNDERSTAND it. Below there are some tips which will help you to communicate effectively: ZERO slides or use slides only when necessary. Share your personal STORY. Ensure... Continue Reading →


There is a deficit of trust these days.  Be it traditional or on social media, different points of view, strong personalities with big egos or fake news. These all impact our senses or emotions and stimulate our conscious and subconscious mind in a good or bad way permanently. In some cases, it could create a... Continue Reading →

A thought on … TEAM ENGAGEMENT

Team Engagement has a significant and direct impact on value added generated by a team. Did you know that each team reaches 100% of engagement level? It’s true, but there is a significant difference in how and when they achieve it. A High Performing Team will dedicate all energy and passion to achieve team results... Continue Reading →


In theory collaboration is given in every organization and people connect naturally and they act as conscious and responsible co-workers. In reality, it’s rarely the case… New ways of working, like working anywhere and anytime disrupted collaboration to a significant extent. In the past collaboration happened within homogenous teams, sitting in the same office or... Continue Reading →


Having a work-life balance is about energy management. Did you know that you are like a battery and your energy is limited? if you burn your energy during the week at work and you do not recharge it over the weekend, you are heading fast to a burnout. First, we need to get enough sleep,... Continue Reading →


Mindset is the attitude you are going to represent in your thinking and actions. There are two major types of mindset: FIXED and GROWTH mindsets. Fixed mindset means that things are stable and unchangeable. Growth mindset means that through consistent challenge, practice, and effort we could change, adjust and grow. Can we grow with a... Continue Reading →


The war for talent has already begun. Companies compete on all job markets to identify, attract, and later retain top talent. Executives understand that all companies have the same, or similar, resources: budgets, products, strategies, and production capabilities. One element  can move the needle, and make the difference: TALENT.  Below are 7 tips for every... Continue Reading →


Saying “YES” to all requests or asks will impact your working time, work/life balance and focus in a negative way. You need to be able to say “NO” to all ad-hoc requests or work emergencies if you want to stay focused and efficient. Stick to your TOP PRIORITIES. Don’t be afraid of saying “NO” and... Continue Reading →

A thought on… ADAPTABILITY

There are so many changes happening around us on an ongoing basis. Innovations, new ways of communicating, technology, etc, have impacted every single area of our life and the process of change has even accelerated. If we want to keep up or, in extreme situations, survive, we need to work on ADAPTABILITY. We need to... Continue Reading →


Mindset is the attitude you are going to represent in your thinking and actions. Passive and negative individuals use every possibility to complain and critique everything. Positive and engaged people expect changes for the better. Agile leaders lead and implement changes. You need to DECIDE what attitude YOU are going to represent.

A thought on … PLANNING

Did you know that introduction of one little micro-habit can have a massive impact on your work-life balance and productivity? Have you noticed that when you do not plan and take actions, usually it results in a last minute heavy work and stress? There are so many negative implications from not planning, let’s name a... Continue Reading →

A thought on… COURAGE

It’s easy to say “YES” or “NO” when everyone is in agreement. COURAGE is required when we have a different point of view than others or we disagree with a decision taken by the majority. We should not be afraid of sharing our approach or challenge openly. It’s part of a constructive challenge process where... Continue Reading →


A key attribute of a successful organization is a speak-up culture. An environment wherein people can share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns without any consequence or retaliation, is crucial for building a trustful and inclusive environment.  It will lead to having open and honest discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of every organization. It will... Continue Reading →


One of key factors which has an impact on procrastination is the fact, that many of people are PERFECTIONISTS We like to understand everything and to get answers to all questions. This is the fastest way to OVERTHINKING and OVERCOMPLICATING People could spend hours, days, weeks or months on collecting and analysis information, discussing options... Continue Reading →

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