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It’s Friday! Hopefully, you have completed all or the majority of the priorities you set up at the beginning of the week.

Today, before you dive into a well-deserved weekend, which is packed full of sleep, family time, exercise, walks, healthy meals, reading books, theatre trips, concerts or travel, I encourage you to spend a bit of time  thinking about and reflecting on the workweek. By doing so, you are  preparing for the weekend, too.

FINISH – First, and most important, don’t start ANY new task or project on Friday. Be ready for landing, mooring, parking, or closing the chapter. Call it what you like but be ready to slow down, disconnect, or recharge.

REFLECTION – Before you disconnect, reflect on your week for 15 mins . Ask yourself a some of questions:

Was there a situation during the week that you as a leader were proud of and why?

Was there a situation you wanted to forget about and why?

Was there anyone you inspired or influenced positively? Have you received feedback on this?

Are there any people to whom you forgot to say “thank you” or “good job”?

Did you experience a situation where you neglected somebody or you did not express empathy?

Do you remember a situation where your action or behaviour impacted the organisational culture positively?

Was there a situation where you did not act or behave in line with yours or the company’s expectations?

IMPROVEMENT – As a next step, think about a future improvement. However, when I say  ‘the future’, I mean the next week and not the next month or year.

To whom  are you going to say “thank you” or “good job” on Monday morning?

To whom are you going to apologise for not paying attention, not helping, or not giving time?

What are you as a leader  going to do differently next week?

DISCONNECTION – Now, you can finally rest. Do you have a disconnection routine, e.g. driving home in complete silence, listening to classical music, or super loud rock? You need to have a routine to draw a firm line between the workweek and the weekend. If you don’t yet have one, try doing something today. Making this boundary will help you disconnect from the workweek mentally and immerse fully into the weekend.

ADVENTURE – Are you ready for an adventure? Are you ready for the weekend? If your work requires your intellectual power, then you need to rest with something physical. On the other hand, if you work physically, you need to engage with your intellect. Depending on your personal situation, plan different activities like: a long coffee morning, family events, meetings with friends, gym visits, shopping, outdoor runs, theatre trips, concerts, dinners, etc. There are millions or different ideas as to how you could spend those two days effectively. Follow the rule: “Work hard and REST hard!”

YOU – And, finally, focus on your wellbeing. After the workweek your energy level requires recharge. Recharge your batteries by sleeping well, eating healthily, and enjoying your weekend adventures.

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