The way in which you finish the week, 99% depends on how you started it.

Today, before you jump on the speed train of busyness, which is fully packed with calls, emails, meetings, projects, and other professional activities, I encourage you to spend a bit of time on thinking and preparing for the week ahead. 

MINDSET – Start the week with a growth mindset. It will help you to understand the context and you will be able to approach the week with the right, positive attitude. 

OPPORTUNITIES – Turn every challenge into an opportunity. It’s possible! Think how you can benefit from every situation.

NETWORKING – Connect with inspirational people. Reach out to them and establish a relationship. There is so much you can learn from them.

DEVELOPMENT – Allocate 30 mins every day for your development. Block your calendar and listen to podcast, read an interesting article or a book, reflect on your habits or spent time on networking.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Plan your week and note down a list with 2-3 priorities (no more!) which you will then execute with excellence. Be assertive and so “no” to all non-value adding stuff.

YOU – And finally, focus on your wellbeing. Your “life-work harmony” provides you with the right energy level, balance and fun. Sleep well, plan your exercise and allocate time for your loved ones.

Now it’s up to you. Don’t over-engineer it, just do it. Sit down, grab a coffee (you need it on Monday morning), a piece of paper, focus, think and enjoy Happy Busy Monday.

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