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Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a day without stress, uncertainties, unknowns, and problems.

Did a smile appeared on your face as you imagined a day without the morning rush, school runs, deadlines, challenges, emergencies, problems, mistakes, crossing the limits, etc? That would be a nice day.

Now, please open your eyes and … forget that problem-free day. Life is challenging and each day will serve you many setbacks, obstacles, headwinds, complications, or worries. Life is like this and we cannot stop or change it.

If we cannot stop the Amazon of problems and stress absolutely because it is outside our control, what can we do to ameliorate it? There is one magic trick that will help you to accommodate and manage more than you think. We call it RESILIENCE.

Resilience is our capacity to recover from difficulties. It is staying on track with the execution of plans, projects or tasks, in spite of all the setbacks, challenges, obstacles, difficulties, problems, headwinds, complications, issues, troubles, or worries. Resilience will help us to go through our life and bounce back, recover or rebuild after every situation. It’s critical for our daily survival and future progress. We have to be resilient if we want to deal with uncertainty, stress, and low days.

Situations of crises are a test of our resilience. We need to find our internal energy and be able to push back and to fight, stay positive and survive weeks, or even months, whilst we work through the situation. 

Below, you can find a few tips for building your resilience. 

HOPE – avoid seeing the situation as unconquerable; think positively and look to a hopeful future. Identify an aim that you are going to achieve in the future: it will be like your North Star during long and unchanging days. Remember that bad events and feelings do not last forever; they will pass. You need to have a purpose that will prompt you to do things in a different and persistent way. 

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH – eat healthily and sleep well. Get as much sleep as you can and reduce your sleep deficit. Keep your home well ventilated. And, finally, exercise. Spend 15-30 minutes a day on cardio and stretching. 

PLAN YOUR DAY – develop your morning routine and stick to it. Wake up at the same time every day, do some exercise, wash and dress, have breakfast, and start your day full of energy. If you work from home, move to your office space and start your computer. 

FOCUS ON FAMILY – Your family is most probably at home with you. Allocate time for a family coffee break, lunch, and dinner. Set up some clear rules for family engagement once all of you are at home. In the evening, spend some time playing some board games or card games. Do not forget about those family members who do not live with or near you. Speak to them via video technology or over the telephone. Send them a message or photo; human interactions are critical!

TIME THIEVES – We are surrounded by them: social media, TV, movie streaming services, video games… If you engage with them in an uncontrolled manner, you will lose lots of time. Time thieves tempt us every minute wherever we are. Be strict: allocate yourself just 30-60 minutes per day for social media or some TV news to give you time for other valuable things. 

SPIRITUALITY – Do you pray or meditate? Find some space during the day for your spiritual activities. They will help you to keep balance and your faith.

HUMOUR – Remember that during your darkest and most challenging moments, laughing can be a great release of tension. Find the moments and little things that bring you joy. Respect other people, their feelings and individual situations; stay calm and keep smiling.

Now, after you have nearly finished reading almost the entire post, I want to encourage you to have a bit more stretch. READING this post will absolutely not change anything in your life. There are now two critical steps in front of you: REFLECTING and ACTIONING.

Reflect on those 7 habits and analyse. What habits are missing in your daily routine? What habits or activities do you need to eliminate? What habits do you need to strengthen?

Take a piece of paper, a pen and spend 15 minutes reflecting. No more! Having 15 minutes of deep focus on you to build your resilience will work its magic.

After you’ve spent that time focusing, start taking steps to act on those reflections and see your resilience grow.

Stay positive and be resilient!

Picture: boradoodles.pl

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