This month we will focus on: SEMICONDUCTORS, the most advanced technology which is part of all innovative or cutting edge technology or product.

Throughout the history of mankind, people waged wars for economic or territorial gain, religion or nationalism. We have fought for gold, land, sea access or oil. Now there is a global geopolitical struggle for the new oil, which are semiconductors.

Below you can find some recommendations for books, podcasts, articles and videos.

BOOK: The book “CHIP WAR” by Chris Miller will help you to understand the fight for the world’s most critical technology: semiconductors, or chips as we call them usually. This book is the winner of 2022 Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award.

YOUTUBE: Have you heard about ASML, TSMC or Intel? If you haven’t, you have to watch the CNBC Exclusive on the chip market: “WHO IS DOMINATING THE CHIP MARKET”. Without technological masterpiece which are semiconductors, there are no mobile phone, cars, fridge, tv sets, anything.

PODCAST: Patrick Boyle On Finance “Semiconductors: The Geopolitics of the New Oil”. The United States has introduced new export controls to restrict Chinese companies access to the most advanced computer chips which can be used to develop cutting-edge technologies with military applications.
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Insights on semiconductors from McKinsey. Click on the link and explore different articles on chip industry.

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