A thought on … TEAM ENGAGEMENT

Team Engagement has a significant and direct impact on value added generated by a team.

Did you know that each team reaches 100% of engagement level? It’s true, but there is a significant difference in how and when they achieve it.

A High Performing Team will dedicate all energy and passion to achieve team results always. There will be no excuse nor doubt. All members will be engaged 100% every day. There will be trust, collaboration, constructive challenge and fun.

A Dysfunctional Team will look for being busy instead of productive, for long coffee breaks, for long unproductive discussions or meetings, for blaming another and finally for 9-5 day.

The role of the leader is to ensure that the team is engaged. The leader needs to understand every team member. Their strengths, development areas, needs, expectations, career plans, etc. The leader needs to invest in trust and together with the team develop ways of working which will be fully accepted by all team members.

A Team Engagement level is an indicator of leadership skills of a LEADER.

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