There is a lot we could learn from non-fiction or fiction stories. Below there is the TOP 10 list of movies on leadership.

1. “Moneyball” It’s a true story of Oakland Athletics (US baseball club) and their manager, Billy Beane who built a baseball team based on statistics, analytics and insights. Small club budget, the new innovative approach and a passionate leader, turned Oakland Athletics into a winning team.
2. “Braveheart” it’s a leadership guidebook for every leader.
3. “Jerry Maquire” – 139 minutes of passion, perseverance, leadership and inspiration. Have you heard “Show me the money!” sentence? Yes, this slogan comes from “Jerry Maguire”.
4. “The Founder” – from a little innovative burger bar to a 180 billion global corporation. It’s a true story of McDonald’s, McDonald’s brothers and Ray Kroc.
5. “The Big Short” – Michael Burry, an eccentric hedge found manager, predicted the 2007 housing market crash in the US. The problem was that he was the only one believing in his theory. His investors were doubtful and they wanted to withdraw their assets. He blocked them!
6. “The Inventor – out for blood in Silicon Valley” – Out for Blood chronicles the rise and fall of Theranos. Theranos’s case is an example of a sad story where a vision, driven by a possessed leader, selling a fake product, and in a company with a wrong culture led not only to a failure of this company but to criminal charges.
7. “Steve Jobs” – It’s an incredible movie about an incredible innovator and his incredible life.
8. “The Social Network” – Grab some snacks and drinks, you are about to watch a competing movie about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.
9. “14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible” – The film follows Nepalese mountaineer Normal Purja and his team as they attempt to climb all 14 eight-thousander peaks within a record time of under 7 months. The previous record was over 7 years.
10. “Chef” – Following our own dreams and having a passion is everything we need. Focus on what you love to do and the rest will follow.


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