There is a deficit of trust these days.  Be it traditional or on social media, different points of view, strong personalities with big egos or fake news. These all impact our senses or emotions and stimulate our conscious and subconscious mind in a good or bad way permanently. In some cases, it could create a situation that we are lost in and we don’t know what and whom to trust.

Why is it like that? One reason is that trust is intangible and abstract. We cannot touch it or define it in numbers. Another point is that trust could mean something different to different people. However, we all know that trust is critical for our personal and professional relationships. 

We have to remember that if we want to be trusted, we have to be honest. Be honest with ourselves and then be honest with others. There is no different way of building trust.

There is no trust formula nor a shortcut. It’s totally up to the individual how and when we will establish a trustful relationship.

And finally remember, TRUST takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

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