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Almost 500 years ago Nicolas Copernicus, the Renaissance astronomer, mathematician and polymath, challenged the status quo established eighteen centuries ago by ancient Greeks. In very simplistic words: “he stopped the Sun and moved the Earth”. Until 1543 the theory and belief was that the Sun goes around the Earth. Copernicus’s work and theory was a major event in the history of science and disrupted how people see and understand the world significantly. The Copernican Revolution had started and pioneered the scientific revolution.

From the 500 years perspective it’s obvious that it was a transformational moment. After the publishing of the Copernicus work, everything was different. His revolutionary theory was a catalyst for many renaissance changes and new theories. So few could change so much!


Fifteen years ago, me and my family experienced the Copernican Moment. We decided to leave my home country, Poland, and relocate abroad. It was a difficult decision, to leave our country, family and life behind us and to start almost everything from the beginning. It took me and my wife one month to consider all the pros and cons and to decide what to do. The same time, from that moment we experienced a massive, positive stimulation for us as a family and for every single member of the family. Before we left Poland, we had given us one year as a trial period, however after a week of being abroad we had known that it was the right decision. We crossed our Rubicon.

In my opinion, it’s not possible to experience the Copernican Moment every month or year. It would be too disrupting or even destructive. Similar stimulations like that are good when we are stuck in life or at work, when we are on a crossroad and we do not know what to do or when our professional career flattauted.

There are some people who could challenge themselves in such a way that they are able to create the Copernican Moment. But they are in the minority. Majority of us require an external intervention or stimulation. Usually we use coaching to disrupt our thinking or perspective. In some specific circumstances a transformation could be initiated by an external event, on which we have got or we don’t have any control. It could be the birth of a child, promotion, relocation or many others.


Now, let’s think about this topic a bit more. Reading is good, but reflecting and answering some questions could help us to get to know us more and adjust in the future.

  1. Have you experienced any Copernican Moment?
  2. What was the impact on your private or professional life?
  3. What was your experience? Did you enjoy it or was it a challenge for you?
  4. What was changed as a result of the Copernican Moment?
  5. Is there any learning from your past Copernican Moment(s)?
  6. What if another Copernican Moment faced you tomorrow? Would you enjoy it or would you resist?

There are many changes around us which could be described as Copernican Moments. It is important to know and to decide which change will be our Copernican Moment.

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