Let’s think about the most important brand in your life. Do you think it’s Coke or Apple? Maybe Tesla or Samsung? However, none of these are the most important brands. The most important brand is YOUR NAME.

In our history there are many powerful names throughout history. In art it is Da Vinci, Van Gogh or Picasso. In politics, it might be Cleopatra, Queen Elisabeth I or Catherine the Great. In business, Walt Disney, the McDonalds brothers or Jeff Bezos. In an investment world Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch. There are many, many of them.

Whatever we do in our life, it sticks to us. Whatever we say to our family members, friends or colleagues from work, it stays in people’s memories. Whatever we write, publish, record or say, it stays forever in a digital world.

Our name is the most valuable brand in our life. It is an asset and we need to do everything we can to build and develop it. It is all about our reputation which is connected with our impression towards people. It will have a direct impact on our entire life and on our professional career as well. Do not try to create a false persona or present a person who you are not. Be authentic, be yourself and you will see that it will have a massive long term positive impact. People will see consistency in it and people will recognise that what you do or say is in line with your vision and values. It will be like a quality check and it will have a direct impact on trust.

Below you can find 4 steps which will help you to reflect on your brand. Hopefully it will be an inspiration to conduct a self-reflection over a cup of tea.

  1. Know yourself and know what you are good at – Do you know what your preferences are? What do you want to be known or recognised for? What are your strengths? What are your values? Asking these questions will help you to understand yourself. Do not lie to yourself, do not pretend to be a different person. Honesty and reality are critical here and will bring value later during your branding journey.
  2. Get feedback from people you trust and who know you well – Your name and image is what people say and think about you when you are not with them. You need to select a few people you trust, and ask them questions about your values, your actions, your strengths and weaknesses. Invest in trust, listen to them attentively, do not comment, do not be defensive. Open your ears, eyes, and brain. Absorb every single piece of feedback you get and later reflect.
  3. Take action(s) – Think about what you want to achieve. What do you want to stop or start doing? Maybe there is something you need to do more? Keep it simple. First, focus on one area and start with a small first step. Observe what is happening, then reflect and ask for more feedback.
  4. Have a long-term perspective and be patient – Do not hurry, it is a process which requires time. It takes years to build a memorable brand based on values, it takes seconds to destroy it.

I am sure that after some time you will see an impact on your private or professional life. Whilst people will see a change on your impression towards others which will help build your brand.

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