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Everyone is dreaming about becoming a movie star, having a great family, having an amazing professional career or accumulating wealth. We wanted to be the next Steve Jobs, Indira Ghandi, Rihanna, Nelson Mandela, Jack Ma or Angela Merkel.

Why are some people successful in realising their dreams and why others are not? 

Is it rocket science or it is available to every person?

Do we need money at the beginning or tonnes of luck during our journey?

Unfortunately, there are no straight answers to all these questions. There is no proven path, recipe or guide to having a meaningful life. Why is like that? Success has millions of different names and meaning. For one person it could be finishing a primary school, for second one having a job or getting a promotion, for another it could be a retirement in Seychelles or flying to Mars. It all depends, really.

However, when you analyse the careers of people who have been successful you can identify some common areas or the best practises. Below there is a short description of four milestones linked with a meaningful life. More detailed information about each stage of the process can be found with the links below.


Do you have a dream? If you do, then you have just made the first and the most important step on the way to have a meaningful life. If you have not decided yet whom do you want to be, where do you want to leave or how do you want to reinvent your professional career, then you need to define your purpose as soon as possible. Once you know your dream, you will know the destination of your you personal or professional journey. You will have the North Star guiding you what to chose if you face a dilemma or what activity you need to prioritise.


Once you know your PURPOSE then you could move to a planning phase. It is important to have a holistic analysis of four focus areas: Health, Personal, Professional and Wealth. Only a holistic and balanced approach will give you long-term success. 


Having a good plan is a big step towards success in the future. Detailed actions linked to specific focus areas will help you to keep focused every day. You will be able to be assertive and say no to everything which is not bringing you closer to your PURPOSE.

However, to enable an execution of your development plan you would need to work on habits. Small habits are part of your daily routine and they will be enablers on your way to accomplish your dreams. It is not only about adding new habits. It is important to eliminate bad habits, those customs which will disturb or destruct your plan. Do not forget about routines which needs to be strengthened and amplified, those which are too few or too little.

My favourite habit is to dedicate 30 mins every day for MY DEVELOPMENT. 30 mins every day only for you makes… 182 hours a year… 26 training days. Small habits make a huge difference.


Once you start your journey towards achieving a meaningful like you will be having lots of fun with coaching, mentoring and networking. Other people can provide you with feedback, objective perspective, suggestions or advice. All these plus your reflections would lead you to assess efficiency of your plan on a regular basis. Do not be afraid of modifying your PURPOSE or changing your DEVELOPMENT PLAN. Flexibility is critical. Circumstances, context or expectations are changing all time. What you prepared at the beginning can or even should be revised and adjusted every six or 12 months.

Now it is your turn. If you do have a plan, reflect on the content and refresh it or change it if needed. If you do not… it is time to prepare one.




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