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Finding free time these days is a bit challenging. In the 24 hours that is available to us in a day we have to fit our private life, work, and sleep. In many cases we do not invest in ourselves. Working from home and through the pandemic brought many challenges to our lives. There are also some quick wins as well…

My productivity whilst working from home has started to significantly increase. Telephone conferences with my team and other project teams were much better prepared and executed. Also, quality of Teams or Zoom video discussions were positively impacted. The decision making process also experienced some developments; individuals and teams started to be more decisive with no compromise on the quality of their decisions. Suddenly, lots of people started to use time and resources in more effective ways. 

Increased productivity, quality of work and focus on key priorities allowed me more free time. Frankly speaking, the majority of this time was allocated to my family living with me and also those who are far away and required more attention than usual, through FaceTime. Although I allocated more time to my family and my friends, I was still able to introduce a new habit by dedicating 30 minutes every day for my personal development.

Yes, 30-minute everyday development, only for ME!

Let me share with you how I am spending my 30-minute everyday development. 

  • Reading – Based on my personal learning preferences from the past, I know that I benefit from reading books, articles and case studies. Reading gives me a different perspective and stimulates my thinking. These days, I am able to move forward with my bookshelf waiting list. 
  • Coaching/Mentoring – If you need to start a coaching or mentorship relationship, please do not wait and connect with an appropriate professional as soon as possible. They are most probably at home now and may have spare time to connect with you. Technology has eliminated distance as a limiting factor in meeting people, no extra costs on trains or planes. Be openminded and approach your ideal coach or mentor. 
  • Blogs/Podcast – It is a unique way of expanding your knowledge. Sometimes, there is no need to go to school or university. On the internet, there are plenty of different blogs or podcasts where people share their own knowledge or experience in an engaging, innovative and pragmatic way. Search the internet and find blogs or podcasts which are close to your developmental needs. 
  • Online courses/Webinars – There are many free or priced online courses, available to us 24/7. You can make use of them if you’re looking to gain specific skills and capabilities. Technology allows us to connect online with experts or professionals who, during webinars, will be sharing with us the best practices or case studies. Their experience and perspective is crucial when they describe successes, failures and learning. 
  • Social media – If you use social media, like Facebook, in a smart way, you can connect with professional groups wherein experts are constantly exchanging opinions, answering questions and providing different perspectives. You can follow discussions online or even participate in live Q&A sessions. 
  • Technology – The world continues to change at an increasingly faster pace. New technology and communication tools are introduced every week. Recently, I have been practising the Zoom, Webex, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Monday and different project management tools. Play with them and broaden your technical skillset. Smart us of technology will help you to be more productive, to do more stuff faster.

Use every opportunity to develop your capabilities or to gain new skills. Technology and new knowledge-sharing methods will support you, free of charge. 

30 mins every day is not a lot of time. However, annually it is … 182 hours… 7.5 full days. Making small steps, little time investment every day, will help you growing.

May the Development be with you!

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