Throughout our professional careers, we observe many leaders and always end up asking the same question. Why is it that some leaders are extremely successful whist others fail? If being a leader is so simple, then why doesn’t every leader make it?

After discussing it with different leaders, conducting much research and analysis  we identified several habits shared amongst inspired leaders. Listed below are the Habits of an Inspired Leader, which will help you change the way in which you act as a leader to achieve excellence. 

An Inspired Leader….

Knows their own personality, strengths and development areas

First, you need to achieve clarity and become self-aware. Don’t try to be too nice, passive or avoidant of difficult questions. Ask your trusted circle for open and honest feedback. Not just to get a comment, but to genuinely hear out what they have to say. When they finish, get a deeper understanding of your shortcomings and areas of strength by asking appropriate questions. 

Has a clear life purpose and long-term goals

Do you know what it is that you want to achieve within the next 15-20 years? Have you written down your long-term goals anywhere? Have you made yourself accountable for these goals and shared them with your spouse, partner or friend(s)? Whatever it is that you do in your everyday professional and personal life, it should progressively bring your closer to these goals. 

Thinks before they act

For most, it is human nature to act, implement and execute without first stopping for a moment to recall and analyse the information at hand. Asking appropriate questions and increasing one’s understanding is often seen as a waste of people’s time. However, taking more time to reflect and think before taking any action will bring appropriate logic and reasoning behind each  decision that you make.  

Makes decisions independently

People are often afraid of making decisions because they’re scared of taking accountability of the consequences. As a leader, you’ll need to grow the courage to make the hardest of decisions, which are often challenging and controversial. Additionally, be ready to make a decision even when you’re only 70% sure that this may be the right call. Your experience and intuition as a leader will help you to make sure that you’re right. Trust your gut!

Reflects and learns from past experience, both successes and mistakes

Take a break and reflect on recent events. Usually, leaders themselves reflect and learn from mistakes so we encourage you to analyse your own successes and failures. What was the key factor for you being the fastest, most ingenious and greatest innovator? Once you know your key to success, you will be able to reapply the skills in the future! 

Develops other leaders

Today, talent is a key differentiator within our competitive market. Companies have similar budgets, similar products and similar distribution. So, what differentiates them… is talent! Inspire your team; Develop leaders, not just followers!

Loves reading

Business is changing; Don’t stop learning. Read at least two books each and every month. If you like to read a physical book, then give your around-the-corner book shop a visit later today. If you prefer reading e-books, then go to an e-reader and download an interesting book, even now! If you have to drive to work, then download an audiobook and enjoy it whilst waiting on the traffic light to turn green.

Now, it is up to you to decide what you will do with the information above. Will you forget it within the next five minutes or will you act upon it? What you can do, is download our free ‘Inspired Leader’ tool here, allowing you to start a new chapter in your life right away.

Drawing by boradoodles.pl


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