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The war for talent has already begun.

Recently, we have started observing a significant shift in the job market. In the past, companies were focused on customers, profits and optimal resource allocation. The talent agenda was in place, however it played a role in succession planning or D&I agenda (diversity and inclusion). Talent was important but not critical.

During the last couple of years, companies have started competing on all job markets to identify, attract, and later retain top talent. Executives understand that all companies have the same, or similar, resources: budgets, products, strategies, and production capabilities. One element can move the needle, and make the difference: TALENT. In some specific situations companies create positions which did not exist in the past to be able to attract innovative and inspiring leaders.

Now, it’s time for self-coaching.

Would you describe yourself as a TALENT?

Are you ready to benefit from the talent war?

Do you have a plan on how to grow every day to maximize your potential?

During my professional career I have seen people winning and failing, growing or accepting lateral moves or even demotions. There is no one clear recipe for a successful career, however there are some tips or habits which will increase the success of your career plans significantly.

Below there are 7 tips which every person with aspirations should read, reflect and implement.

    There are almost eight billion people on Earth. You are not special and there is anybody who can do it on your behalf. You need to drive your development if you want to be successful. Be clear, determined, focused and humble. Drive it!
    Do you know what you want to achieve in your career? Is it more like a  dream or imagination, or is it very precise and concrete? Have you put it down or you have it in your head? Having career aspirations is critical for your future career path. Why is it like that? Let me put it in this way, if you do not know your final destination you should not start any journey. You may finish in totally unexpected and surprising places. You need to know what and where your North Star is.
    Once you have defined your career aspirations, the next step would be to prepare a developmental plan. A set of 2, maximum 3 developmental actions which will help you to be closer to your career aspirations. Why only 2 or 3? Because less is MORE! Because if you are focused, you will select the most powerful developmental actions. You select activities which will push you out of your comfort zone and which will stimulate your development.
    Don’t forget that you are not alone during your developmental journey. Share your thoughts, plans, reflections or problems with others. Don’t be afraid of doing so. People are keen to help you and provide feedback which will not humiliate or destroy you. Connect with people you trust and who want to help you. It is a test for your arrogance and ignorance. Don’t be arrogant and do not focus on your wisdom or experience. Don’t be ignorant and listen to what other people have to say in relation to your development. Understanding feedback from people with different experience or with another point of view, could be refreshing, unique or even eye opening for you.
    There is absolutely no possibility that we know everything. However, when we meet other people we can talk to them, we can ask questions or we can answer their questions. Meaningful connection will enrich us and them. We will be able to build and benefit from our NETWORK.
    Networking could be a source of knowledge, and it could help us to build a meaningful business relationship, it could be a boost for our development or it could be a social even only, when people connect and talk.
    Connect with people from different countries or continents. Get to know people from different cultures or religions. Build a diverse network which will stimulate your development. Don’t be afraid of connecting with smart and sharp people. Your brain will crash with the creativity of other great minds.
    Having a coach or a mentor is critical for you.
    With the coach you will be able to establish a trustful relationship which will lead the coach to ask all difficult questions. Remember, coaching is not about asking nice and good questions. Coaching should be about asking uncomfortable questions which will push you to think, reflect and change.
    Mentoring is a different game, it’s all about transferring knowledge or experience to you without consequences of mistakes. You could connect with mentors who have done what you are going to do or who have failed and learned or succeeded in similar situations. Their perspective, reflections or advice is priceless.
    According to research there are many people who fail with driving their development even if they have the most professional and best in class developmental plans, coaches and mentors. Do you know why? Because they finish with their development when they identify their developmental action. If you want to drive your development, you need to develop a unique habit of allocating 30 minutes to your development DAILY. Yes, I am not joking. Find a 30 minute slot every day for your future only. Use it for checking the progress you are making, read a book, listen to podcasts or connect with your coach or mentor. This is exactly the place where your development happens.

Now it’s time for your action. Reading the post will not make you a TALENT. You need to reflect on today and take action which will drive your development from tomorrow. Execution of your developmental actions will get you there where you wanted to be.

And don’t forget that EVERYONE has unlimited potential.

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