Less is MORE – How to live and work meaningfully

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Over the last few decades, we have witnessed how our ways of living and working have changed significantly. Smart phones, internet, communication technology, software, and social media,  have impacted the way we engage with other people in a positive way.

On the other hand, we have much more to manage in our private and professional life. Growing kids, educations, university decisions, taking care of elderly parents or grandparents, working from home, less resources at work, lean structures and no back up, makes our daily “to do list’ longer and longer. We have less time and more activities to cover. Sounds familiar?

I am sure that you have heard about “less is MORE” concept, it’s nothing new. There are many of us who talk more about it and actually achieve less. It should not be like that. It should be the opposite, doing less and achieving MORE.

Some time ago, I challenged the concept and developed a simple and pragmatic approach I wanted to share with you in this post. The key concept is to connect the ‘less is MORE” concept with three key areas:


You need to change the way you think (MINDSET) first. As the next step, you should to adjust how you engage and interact with other people (BEHAVIOURS). And finally, you have to model your little activities which are undertaken by you every day (MICRO-HABITS). This interconnected approach will help you in implementation of “less is MORE” and bring meaning into your life and smart working at work.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the concept.


First the most important step is to understand that changes are inevitable. We absolutely have no power in how to slow or stop them. Do not resist new and uncomfortable ways of living or working, because the only result you achieve will be increased frustration. Embrace change and develop a growth MINDSET. Openness to changes and finding ways to build on them will help you every day.

Don’t forget about AUTHENTICITY. Be natural every moment and speak up from your heart. Do not pretend to be a different person or a superhuman who can deal with multiple challenges. You are not. Be yourself.

Eliminate all toxicity or negativity in you or around you. Allocate your energy into POSITIVITY. Radiate with positive energy and look for people who have a positive approach to life and well.

Do you know that all complexity is created by us? Keep everything simple and bring as much SIMPLICITY to your activities as you can. Do not blame other people for your mistakes or failures.

Take full RESPONSIBILITY of your life, of every decision you take daily. Additionally, adjust your semantics and call any mistake or failure as a lesson learned.

Stop complaining and express GRATITUDE for what you have received.


Once you implement some changes into your mindset, you need to model and adjust your behaviours. First, add more EMPATHY in your every engagement with other people. Ask questions to understand and listen. Be CURIOUS about other people’s feelings, opinions, emotions or point of view. LISTENING is a great skill which would help you in building empathic relationships with other people.

We are dealing with less connectivity and silo-mentality in every area of our life or work. If you want to be successful, you need to bring more COLLABORATION. Other family members or collegupges in the office will help you to progress or solved problems you are dealing with.

Eliminated distractions and time thieves. It will help you to avoid loosing time and would bring more FOCUS. Once you concentrate on something you will be present during a dinner with the family or you will dedicate required time to solve a complex problem at work.

And finally, stop dealing with fire-fighting, stop being reactive. Once you have control of you life and work you will be able to be PROACTIVE. You will be able to anticipate more and focus on what is really needed for you.


Many people are not successful with implementing the “less is MORE” concept, because they do not know how to translate it into little activities they do every day.

Being a perfectionist is a natural killer for efficiency. Avoid overthinking and overcomplication. Do not wait until you know all details and answers to your questions. Focus on DECISIONS and ACTIONS! Take as many decisions as you can.

To manage our private and business agendas we have to manage some activities or task simultaneously. It is necessary to keep our head above the water. Multi-tasking was proposed as a solution in the past. If you do everything the same time, you do not do anything right or with requested quality. Explore the power of SINGLE-TASKING. It will enable you to fully focus on a task; to dive into it and fully utilize your brain power and finish any and all tasks with the highest level of professionalism, competence and quality.

Our life is full of slides. They are everywhere. Challenge it and instead of slide presentations engage into INCLUSIVE DISCUSSIONS. Read slides before and ask questions to understand an issue and look for solutions.

If you are tired, do not grab another cap of coffee or energy drink. Go for a POWER NAP during the day. A 15 mins sleep will recharge your batteries.

Exercise for 1 hour daily. There are many excuses why not to wake up in the morning. There are many reasons not to take a bike in the evening. Excuses… excuses… Do more EXERCISES, eat HEALTHY MEALS and get some REST.

And finally, do not forget about CELEBRATION MOMENTS. There are many reasons to have little celebrations at the end of the day at home or in the office.

Now, you need to reflect on this. What’s working for me, maybe not resonating with you. You know yourself the best and you should be able to translate “less is MORE” concept into some behaviours, techniques or habits.

Less doubting and more BELIEVING!

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