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Beginning of the year: it is a time when many of us reflect on what was achieved during the previous year and what are our objectives for the next year. It’s a time of setting new year’s resolutions which may last days, weeks or months…

We have ambitious plans at the beginning of the year and some people are more or less successful. In some cases there is enough inspiration to only put together a plan. There are people who push a bit more and start with some actions, however there is only enough commitment and energy to continue throughout a couple of weeks, then drop them after a month. However, there are some individuals who continue with the execution of their plans and at the end of every year they celebrate a success.

My curiosity pushed me to ask some questions and understand more about what is happening every January.

Why are some people are more successful than others?

What do they actually do that makes them more successful?

Which techniques do they use to be more successful?

There are actually three key elements which determine a success in execution of our New Year’s resolution. The first and the most critical is having a developmental plan. Second, having a daily routine with micro-habits. And finally, our mindset.


Having a plan is the first and the most critical element. If you do not have it, then don’t bother starting your journey – I am serious. Knowing what all of your key focus areas and what critical actions are linked to its success is a key element of you being successful at the end. It will help you in allocating time and resources behind your needs. If you want to make a change this year, you need plan first and act later.

Do you have a plan for 2022?

Do you know what you want to focus on?

Do you have some actions you need to take?

Below there is a link to a self-guide which will help you to build a plan for 2022.


Having a plan is good but you need to have micro, routine activities you can execute every day. Every Day Habits will generate a compound effect in an annual perspective. You will be surprised at the end of the year once you see the power of compounding.

Let me share couple of Every Day Habits’ ideas:

  • Daily target for active calories – set a target for calories burned on a daily basis. You can exercise, walk, clean your house, it does not matter what you do. It is important that you will be stimulated to take a physical activity every single day. Do not start with big numbers, assess your previous experience or limits and add 5% on top. This approach helped me to burn 1,000 active calories daily. Sundays as well!
  • Power nap – if you are exhausted, do not grab another cup of coffee or energy drink. Have a nap. Yes! Have a 15-minute nap. Set up an alarm and sleep during the day. Once you practice it you will be surprised how energising could be a sleepy 15 mins session you take during the day.
  • 30 mins Development Break – block in your diary a 30 mins slot for your development only. You can use it for connecting with other people or your mentors, for reading some articles and blogs, e-learning or just reflecting on the progress you are making.
  • Read 10 pages – find a time during a day when you can concentrate and read a book. With this little habit you will be able to read one book a month, twelve books a year. Not bad, isn’t it? We need reading to broaden our perspective and stimulate our intellect.
  • Social media – If you engage in a proper way with LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook it could be good for you. However, if you do not set up some boundaries, social media engagement may be a time thief – a cyber addiction. Set a limit and check your social media once or twice per day only.

There are many other micro-habit ideas as every person is unique and may prefer specific type of activities.

What is extremely important for you is having a daily routine. A daily plan which will help you to allocate enough time for sleep, to engage with you loved ones, to work and to grow. Below is an example of a daily routine.


There will be no success without a proper mindset.

First, and most importantly, is PERSEVERANCE. You have to be unstoppable during your journey in achieving what could or should be accomplished. There will be so many setbacks, challenges, obstacles, difficulties, problems, headwinds, complications, issues, troubles and worries. RESILIENCE will help you to wake up every morning and allocate all your efforts and energy to your development plan. By the way, is it not interesting that we have so many ways of describing a challenging situation, and not many to describe success?

When you start executing your plan, be prepared for the worst. Why? … because reality will hit your plan and 99% of your assumptions may turn out to be incorrect. This is why you need to be FLEXIBLE. You need to be ready to adjust behaviours or re-write actions. Nothing will go according to the plan.

Personal development is like gardening. It requires seeds, soil, water, sun and time. Be patient and focused, watch the compound effect of all your micro-habits you do every day, watch yourself growing.

Wishing you a successful DEVELOPMENTAL DAY!

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