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During the last decade personal development has been significantly disrupted.

We have been exposed to new concepts like e-learning, GROWTH MINDSET, in role development, stretched assignments and many more. In the past personal growth was coordinated by a HR department or by a manager, Recently, organisations promoted self-drive and empowerment, ideas where people need to take a full responsibility of their progress.

We have seen many cases of talent understanding new ideas and concepts. There are two critical elements which play a significant role when we talk about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. The first one is to have a GROWTH MINDSET and the second is to find comfort beyond a COMFORT ZONE.


Key concepts of growth mindset is to take full responsibility of personal development and believe in yourself. Nobody will manage it on our behalf. Companies will set up a talent system, they will provide with learning tools, however individuals need to know how to use it when they drive personal growth. Growth mindset means believing in own potential.

There is a need to have a new mindset in case of ways of working. There are less in-class training and more learning by doing, development in a role. Talents look for a challenge because they know that challenge will push you to leave your comfort zone and operate there where not everything is clear and simple. Growth Mindset helps talent to enjoy challenges. People are looking for a constructive feedback as well. In the past feedback had negative connotations. Nowadays, constructive feedback helps you to identify and work on developmental areas.


Having a GROWTH MINDSET is not enough. It’s critical to take some actions which will push us out from our COMFORT ZONE. Operating within a comfort zone is nice and easy, however will not stimulate our growth at all.

Of course, it cannot be done without any reflection or plan. We need to reflect on our career aspirations and define an end-stage place. It could be gaining some skills, getting a promotion, moving functions, opening own business. Every person has got individual career plans. Once we know our final destination, we need to run a gap analysis. What competency, skills or experience is actually missing or what we need to focus on to progress in the future. When there are clear outcomes and our gap analysis is ready, we need to reflect on our daily habits. More on daily habits can be found in one of my previous posts:

Finally, if we think seriously about progress, we need to find a real personal or business challenge. There is no need to change positions. We could develop in a role and manage an emergency or manage a project which will test or stretch specific competencies. We could consider a stretched assignment with different geographies, cultures or leadership expectations. There are some many options.

All the above will push us out of the comfort zone and will accelerate our progress.

Do not be afraid of failure. Failure is actually an opportunity to grow. When we take some actions or decisions outside our comfort zone we will do some mistake, this is for sure. It is important to take any learning from them and to avoiding repeating them again.

GROWTH MINDSET and operating beyond our COMFORT ZONE will help us to realise our dreams and to live a MEANINGFUL LIFE.


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